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Report Your Service Line Material

To comply with a regulatory requirement, the Northern Kentucky Water District (NKWD) is currently compiling an inventory of materials used for all service lines (the pipe that brings water from the water main into the building). NKWD asks for your help in identifying and reporting the type of pipe material used for your water service line.

Lindsey Rechtin, President/CEO, Recognized as Finalist for the Next Generation Leader Awards

The Next Generation Leader Awards (NGLAs) Celebration, hosted by Northern Kentucky Young Professionals (NKYP) salutes and applauds YPs ages 40 and under for significant professional accomplishments, demonstrated leadership, and community impact. For over 10 years, the NGLAs have celebrated talented young leaders and the continued impact that former NGLA Finalists and award recipients are making throughout the region!

NKWD Reactivates Granular Activated Carbon – Maintains Commitment to Safe Drinking Water With Advanced Treatment

“Granular activated carbon has been deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the best-available technologies for removing several chemical compounds, including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as forever chemicals,” said Lindsey Rechtin, President/CEO of NKWD. “GAC helps strip soluble materials that can’t be filtered from water by other treatment processes, which makes it safer and cleaner for our customers.”

Reservoir at Memorial Parkway Treatment Plant.

NKWD Begins Reservoir Restoration Project at Memorial Parkway Treatment Plant

“Over time, dirt and sediment naturally found in water from the Ohio River settles in our reservoirs and builds on itself which reduces our water storage capacity,” said Lindsey Rechtin, President/CEO of NKWD. “Our reservoirs are a major asset to our water treatment process and despite other efforts to remove sediment, we realized we need to drain the water completely to effectively clean-out the reservoir.”

Reservoir at Memorial Parkway Treatment Plant.

Northern Kentucky Water District Elects Board of Commissioners' Positions

The Board of Commissioners remains a six-member Board, comprised of Fred Macke Jr., Jody Lange, Douglas Wagner, Nicholas Winnike, Joseph Koester, and Gary Holland.

Northern Kentucky Water District Recognized for Safety Program

At their last Board Meeting, the Northern Kentucky Water District (NKWD) was presented with the 2023 Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance Destiny Award for outstanding commitment to workplace safety.

“Workplace safety is a top priority for our entire team, and we are proud to have received this award for the twelfth consecutive year,” said NKWD President/CEO Lindsey Rechtin.

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Notice to Customers Water Rate Adjustment

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