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Report Your Service Line Material

To comply with a regulatory requirement, the Northern Kentucky Water District (NKWD) is currently compiling an inventory of materials used for all service lines (the pipe that brings water from the water main into the building). NKWD asks for your help in identifying and reporting the type of pipe material used for your water service line.

Reservoir at Memorial Parkway Treatment Plant.

NKWD Begins Reservoir Restoration Project at Memorial Parkway Treatment Plant

“Over time, dirt and sediment naturally found in water from the Ohio River settles in our reservoirs and builds on itself which reduces our water storage capacity,” said Lindsey Rechtin, President/CEO of NKWD. “Our reservoirs are a major asset to our water treatment process and despite other efforts to remove sediment, we realized we need to drain the water completely to effectively clean-out the reservoir.”

Reservoir at Memorial Parkway Treatment Plant.


Board of Commissioners
July 18, 2024