Report Your Service Line Material

The Northern Kentucky Water District needs your help identifying the type of pipe material used for your water service line. A water service line is the pipe that brings water from the water main into the building.

Follow These 3 Steps to Report Your Service Line Material:

Graphic showing where to take the picture of th pipe.Step 1: Locate the water service line entering the building. The pipe may be visible where it enters through a basement wall. Take a picture of your water service line as it comes into your house (circled in red on the graphic on the right).


Step 2: Use the information below to identify the type of pipe. Use a coin or key to carefully scratch the outside of the pipe. Use a strong refrigerator magnet.

lead pipe


Outer Pipe Color: Dull gray

Scratch Test: Turns shiny silver

Magnet: Does not stick

Example of plastic pipe.


Outer Pipe Color: May be black, red, blue or white

Scratch Test: No need to scratch

Magnet: Does not stick

Copper Pipe


Outer Pipe Color: Brown and can turn green

Scratch Test: Looks like a penny

Magnet: Does not stick

Example of galvanized pipe.


Outer Pipe Color: Dark gray or black

Scratch Test: Hard to scratch and remains same color

Magnet: Magnet will stick

Step 3: Create an online account on LeadCAST to submit the form and your photos. If you do not have access to a computer or smart device, you can also call (859) 578-5451.

Information provided herein may be subject to disclosure under the Kentucky Open Records Act.