Subdistrict Maps
Kenton County

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Anna Lane Subdistrict C
Banklick Road - Maher Road to Walton Nickolson Road Subdistrict G
Banklick Road - Bristow to Maher Road Subdistrict C
Bentley Drive Subdistrict C
Bethel Grove Subdistrict E
Bird Road - KY 17 to Wynewood Subdistrict B
Bird Road - Wynewood Trail to #1684 Subdistrict B
Bramlage Road - Wilson to Banklick Subdistrict G
Brandy Lane Subdistrict E
Bromley Crescent Springs Road Subdistrict E
Bullock Pen Road - Old Madison to end of road Subdistrict G
Callant Road - KY 17 for the first 0.6 miles Subdistrict C
Camin Lane - Green Rd to end of road Subdistrict C
Camp Drive Subdistrict M
Cheval Drive - Green Road to end of road Subdistrict C
Cody Road - #5372 to Upton Drive, Flaggstone to #5372 Subdistrict G
Coleman Road - KY 177 to end of road Subdistrict R
Crest Lane Subdistrict B
Cruise Creek Road Subdistrict M
Crystal Court Subdistrict RL
Crystal Drive Subdistrict RL
Crystal Lane Subdistrict RL
Decoursey Pike (KY 177) - North of Kenton Station 7100', North of Vises Trail 4250', South of Kenton Station 5400', South of Vises Trail 2850' Subdistrict E
Dixon Road - Rich Road to #14361 Subdistrict I
Ernst Bridge Road Subdistrict RL
Estate Lane - Visalia to end of road Subdistrict G
Farmview Drive - Moffett Road to end of road Subdistrict B
Feiser Road - Porter Road to Locust Pike Subdistrict R
Fiskburg Road - KY 17 to Goshorn Road Subdistrict E
Fontana Road Subdistrict M
Fowler Creek Road - #5346 to Cox/Oliver Subdistrict G
Fowler Creek Road - Senour to # 5282 Subdistrict G
Gardnersville Road - KY 17 for the first 0.8 miles Subdistrict C
Glenhurst Subdivision - Chinkapin Circle, Berlander Drive (stops at #684 Berlander Drive), Glenhurst Drive (stops at intersection of Glenhurst Drive and Berlander Drive off of Maher Road), Lyonia Drive, Colton Court, Hornbean Drive (Off of Maher Road), Freemont Drive Subdistrict C
Graven Road - #11156 Graven Road to Wright Road Subdistrict M
Graven Road - Maher Road 4,400' towards Wright Road Subdistrict C
Green Road - KY 16 to US 25 Subdistrict C
Harbil Road Subdistrict M
Hempfling Road - #2756 Hempfling Road to #3110 Hempfling Road Subdistrict M
Hempfling Road - Madison Pike to #2352 Hempfling Road Subdistrict C
Hillside Drive Subdistrict RL
Hollyhock Road - Wolf to #641 Subdistrict G
Independence Road - Shaw Road to #1159 Independence Road Subdistrict C
Independence Road - #1068 to Banklick Road Subdistrict G
Ishmael Road - KY 177 to #14122 Ishmael Road Subdistrict E
Jones Road - American Legion to end of road Subdistrict I
Kenton Station - Rector Road to KY 177 Subdistrict E
Klein Road - Visalia to end of road Subdistrict G
Klette Road Subdistrict K
KY 17 (Madison Pike) - #12363 to #14158, 1,200' North of Callant Road to Gleason Subdistrict B
KY 17 (Madison Pike) - #14192 to #15960, Gleason to Pendleton County Line Subdistrict C
KY 177 - 500’ North of Wards to 2,900’ South of Wards, Porter Road to 800' North, Pruett Road to Ryland Lakes Drive Subdistrict R
KY 177 - Subdistrict R to Short Marshall Subdistrict RF
KY 177 - North of Kenton Station 7,100', North of Vises Trail 4,250', South of Kenton Station 5,400', South of Vises Trail 2,850' Subdistrict E
KY 177 - #14669 to #15112 Subdistrict M
Lakeview Drive Subdistrict M
Licking Station Subdistrict E
Lieberman Road Subdistrict G
Locust Pike - 650’ West of Whites Road to end of road, Feiser Road to Wards Lane Subdistrict R
Maher Road - Banklick Road to Kenton/Boone County Line, Independence Road to Banklick Road Subdistrict C
Maher Subdivision - Meadows, Parker Drive, Stanley Lane, Anna Lane, Brian Lane Subdistrict C
Maplewood Drive Subdistrict RL
Martin Road - Sudistrict B to Staffordsburg Road Subdistrict C
Martin Road - Moffett Road to 3,650’ Subdistrict B
McDonald Avenue Subdistrict E
Meadow Lane Subdistrict RL
Mirror Court Subdistrict RL
Misty Lane - All of street Subdistrict G
Moffett Road - KY 17 to George Bach Road Subdistrict B
Mulberry Lane - Rolling Greene Subdivision off of Green Road Subdistrict C
Northcutt Road - Jones Road to #14214 Northcutt Road Subdistrict M
Northall Court Subdistrict RL
Oliver Road Subdistrict E
Orchard Lane Subdistrict RL
Paxton Road - KY 17 for first 0.65 miles Subdistrict C
Percival Road Subdistrict C
Petty Road - Marshall to #3927 Pruett Road Subdistrict G
Pleasure Isle Drive - #305-A to #400 Subdistrict G
Porter Road - KY 177 to 7,500’ Subdistrict R
Porter Road - Tecumseh approximately 500' from Tecumseh to #8901 Porter Road Subdistrict RF
Rector Road - Subdistrict B (#3560 Rector Road) to Kenton Station Road Subdistrict C
Rector Road - Moffett Road to #3560 Rector Road Subdistrict B
Redbud Lane Subdistrict RL
Redrow Lane - Locust Pike to end of road Subdistrict R
Rice Road Subdistrict K
Rich Road - KY 17 to #3348 Rich Road Subdistrict C
Rich Road - Little Cruises Creek to Rouse Road Subdistrict M
Rosehawk Lane - Moffett to end of road Subdistrict B
Rouse Road Subdistrict M
Ryland Lakes Drive Subdistrict RL
Saylor Court Subdistrict K
Short Marshall - KY 177 East 500' Subdistrict RF
South Fork Estates Subdivision - South Fork Drive, Thoroughbred Lane, Stablegate Subdistrict C
Spanton Road - Locust Pike to 1,300’ Subdistrict R
Spillman Road - KY 17 to end of road Subdistrict C
St. Johns Road Subdistrict E
Staffordsburg Road - KY 16 to Martin Road Subdistrict C
Stephenson Road - Green Road to #1636 Stephenson Road Subdistrict C
Stonewater Subdivision - Thornberry Court, Woodmont Way, Briarview Court, Rosewynne Way Subdistrict C
Sugar Camp Road - #2760 to Fowler Creek Subdistrict G
Sylvan Lake Drive Subdistrict RL
Symbo Lane - Green Road to #1533 Symbo Lane Subdistrict C
Tamber Ridge Drive Subdistrict K
Taylor Mill Road - #4868 to Grand Avenue Subdistrict I
Tecumseh Lane - #9030 Tecumseh to Porter Road Subdistrict RF
Tupelo Drive - Glenhurst Subdivision (off of Maher Road) Subdistrict C
Upton Drive - Cody Road to end of road Subdistrict G
US 25 - Walton City Limits to KY 14 Subdistrict C
Visailia Road - Staffordsburg Road to Vises Trail Subdistrict C
Vises Trail - KY 177 to #12158 Vises Trail Subdistrict E
Wards Lane  - Locust Pike to KY 177 Subdistrict R
Webster Road - address #251 to #270 Subdistrict G
Whitaker Avenue - Madison Avenue to #4022 Whitaker Avenue Subdistrict E
Whites Road - KY 177 to Locust Pike Subdistrict R
Wild Lake Drive Subdistrict RL
Wright Road - #314 Wright Road to #544 Wright Road Subdistrict M
Wolf Road - Valley View to KY 177 Subdistrict G
Wynewood Trail Subdistrict B
York Road - US 25 to #332 York Road Subdistrict C