Projects Under Design

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Title City Project Type Description
Structural Lining of 12” Cross Country
Water Main
Alexandria Water Main Rehabilitation Old Alexandria Pike to the existing water tank along Woeste Road.
Stonehouse Road Water Main Replacement Campbell County Water Main Replacement Stonehouse Road from Four Mile to Ten Mile Road
Echo Hills and
Licking Pike
Claryville Water Main Replacement Echo Hill WMR from #9624 to Licking Pike and from Licking Pike to Pleasant Ridge Road
Winters Lane Water Main Replacement Cold Spring Water Main Replacement Winters Lane from US 27 to Holtz Drive
Ripple Creek Road Water Main Replacement Cold Spring Water Main Replacement Ripple Creek Road from US 27 to Sabre Drive
Ervin Terrace &
10th Avenue
Dayton Water Main Replacement

Ervin Terrace WMR from 9th Avenue to Belmont Road
10th Avenue WMR from Ervin Terrace to Edwards Avenue

36” Concrete
Water Main
Edgewood Water Main Replacement Replace a portion of a cross country 36” concrete water main
Dudley Road Edgewood Water Main Replacement Dudley Road WMR from Dixie Highway to Turkeyfoot Road
Birch Drive WMR Erlanger Water Main Replacement Riggs Avenue to house #418
Donaldson Road – 24” corrosion protection retrofit Erlanger Corrosion Protection Retrofit Donaldson Road – 24 corrosion protection retrofit – sacrificial anode system
Erlanger Road Phase II WMR Erlanger Water Main Replacement Erlanger Road from Riggs Avenue to I-75
Oliver and Cox Water Main Replacement Independence Water Main Replacement The District will be replacing the water main on Oliver and Cox.
Highland Avenue (Oak to Floral) Water Main Replacement Fort Mitchell Water Main Replacement Highland Avenue from Oak Street to Floran Avenue
Pentland Place Water Main Replacement Fort Thomas Water Main Replacement The entire length of Pentland Place, Sabre Court, and David Drive
Ann Street Newport Water Main Replacement Ann Street WMR from 8th Street to12th Street
Newport Water Main Replacement Newport Water Main Replacement 15th Street, 16th Street, 17th Street, Parkview Avenue {15th St. to 17th St.}, and Main Avenue {Parkview Avenue to 18th Street} This project will consist of 4180’ of 6” & 8” piping.
Parker Rd. &
Ridge Place
Newport Water Main Replacement Parker road from new Linden Rd. to Ridge Place and on ridge Place from parker road to the end of the street in both directions.  This project will have 2710’ of 6” & 8” piping.
Arlington Road Park Hills Water Main Replacement Arlington Road from Dixie to Old State
St. Joseph Lane Water Main Replacement Park Hills Water Main Replacement St. Joseph Lane – WMR from #709 to end of the street
Church Street and
Faye Drive
Taylor Mill Water Main Replacement Faye Drive from Church Street to Winston Avenue and on Church Street from Winston Avenue to a point 165’ east of Faye Street.  This project will include 162’ of 8” piping.
Amsterdam Road Water Main Replacement Villa Hills Water Main Replacement Amsterdam Road from a point 460' north of Dry Creek Road (SD1 entrance) to the 20" cross country main running from Brookville Court to Amsterdam Road
Licking River Crossing Wilder Hydraulic Improvement Install new water main under the Licking River
Wesley Drive & Three Mile Road interconnect Wilder Hydraulic Improvement Cross country water main extension from Wesley Drive to Three Mile Road and Three Mile Road water main extension from Gibson to I-275

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